Allotment 104

Over the years we have had the privilege of working with small-scale producers and local organic farmers for some of our retreats. This reconnection to the source, choosing ingredients directly from the soil and preparing and cooking with such fresh produce has really made a fundamental impact on the way we function.

Allotment 104 is an exciting project inspired and motivated by these experiences and the dream to add a self-sustaining element to our business by using our own home-grown produce for events and retreats. Make no mistake- we are first timers and this will be a huge undertaking and a massive experiment but we are hugely excited by the idea that 2020 may be powered by our own produce!

It’s going to be huge learning curve and we are in for some hard work but we are driven by the idea of sustainability, seasonality and organic homegrown ingredients!

We will keep you updated with progress and hope you will enjoy how Allotment 104 unfolds!!


here goes!

So this is it. We signed for the allotment. As well as a business and lifestyle venture, this is also a family project. We are sharing this plot with some of Charlotte’s extended family. The plot cost us a massive £40 for the year. Yep. We couldn’t believe it either!

It is currently full of wild flowers, weeds and overgrowth. It looks beautiful as it is but its got to go! All in the name of Allotment evolution! Wish us luck!


Hard work…

A large percentage of the wild overgrowth has been attacked with a strimmer this week. Apart from a few rotten raised beds that’ll need to be cleared, it revealed a pretty good base free of hidden debris. So, no time like the present to get stuck in….

Oh. Dear. God. Who knew digging was so hard!!?

Stamina and a good pair of gloves are going to be entirely necessary. We managed this little plot in about an hour and a half and had about 5 sit downs. It’s surely going to be a STEADY process.

Better get some Epsom Bath salts in tonight!!


so satisfying.

We are planning on reusing and repurposing as much as possible and refraining from buying anything new-unless completely necessary.

One of the most important things to have on an allotment is sturdy composter. So we set about sourcing some free pallets, which was surprisingly easy and knocked up a simple box. Just needs a bit of chicken wire around the inside and a bit a read-up about general rules of composting- yes- we are COMPLETE beginners over here… and there it is. A free, handmade, sturdy bit of kit.